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The Power of an Unparalleled Network

Our mission is to be known as the financial firm specializing in relationships. Our inclusionary and relationship-focused structure proposes a new paradigm for the management and practice of financial advice. As a multidimensional and multidisciplinary financial services and consultancy firm, Preferred Financial Partners hopes to provide a value proposition unmatched anywhere in Michigan and surrounding areas. Consider the monumental value that a financial services and insurance professional can provide to a P&C agent, attorney or CPA firm, particularly when that professional offers access to a network such as ours.

Our financial professionals and partners seek us for our ability to put our relationship-building acumen to work for them. Naturally, brokerage relationships add extreme value to our firm and will be the staging for career agents of the future. By being a resource for current brokers, we look to gain positive recommendation to their peer groups to expand our networks and leverage their success with our firm as an example of how other agents can benefit from joining our firm as well. Keeping our brokers engaged and aligned is a huge factor for the success of our brokerage arm: firm-wide commitment to our team of brokers drives the firm to levels not possible without them. 

Business Diversification Enabling Sustainable Growth

In the context of rapid change, product and service diversification is essential for financial professionals to grow sustainably. The firm will create a mindset, from the top down, of addressing clients' objectives with a holistic approach encompassing:

  • Annuity Products
  • Advanced Planning
  • Asset Accumulation
  • Disability Products
  • Fee Based Financial Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Investments
  • IRMAA Calculations
  • Life Insurance Products
  • Long-Term Care Products
  • Retirement Planning
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Worksite Solutions















Having access to 55+ insurance carriers, 120+ fund families, and utilizing powerful digital tools such as CRM software, we help develop each agent's book of business into a marketing source. Identifying clients that lack products or services that they need allows our professionals to strengthen their relationships and position themselves as a referable resource to others.

To encourage them, we make commitments to support them along the way:

  • Continuous product training to help them understand all we can offer
  • Sandler Sales training to help with communication techniques to break down barriers
  • Marketing support to present the best image of products and services recommended
  • Redtail CRM Software
  • Hoopis Network resources
  • Advanced Planning support
  • E-Money and MoneyGuidePro platforms
  • 12-Week Year (marketing and business profile system)

Financial Services Practice Buildout

Financial advisors, agents and other financial professionals also seek Preferred Financial Partners to build out their practice. Through the teaming concept made possible by our strategic alliances, we are perfectly positioned to put in place the structure for a financial services practice and have the tools and systems to help you run a smart, successful operation. To support diversified growth, we provide consulting on various levels sought by producers: business development, practice management, teaming, business succession planning, relationships, and others. 

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck